The UNSILO platform

UNSILO’s core technology is available both as a service and as a standalone platform that can be deployed behind your own firewall.

All UNSILO services are available as hosted solutions, suitable in situations where the customer wants to upload their content and start using the wide range of UNSILO services for document enrichment. UNSILO takes care of all the IT.

On the contrary, UNSILO is a customer-hosted solution, suitable in situations where it is not possible to bring the document corpus outside the customer’s firewall. Built on a modern Virtual Private Cloud architecture, the platform scales to hundreds of millions of documents.


The main goal for the UNSILO platform is to easily make the UNSILO technology available with the following features:

√ Deploys behind firewall on Amazon AWS Virtual

√ Private Cloud

√ Modern framework – scales to hundreds of millions of documents

√ Simple import of content from Amazon S3

√ Simple deployment and configuration

√ Simple output in JSON or XML format