UNSILO Package Manager

Content owners assemble their content by themes, topics, in customized packages etc. to support their business needs in multiple ways. Most often, content is assembled using manual workflows.

Defining relevant keywords when searching for content can be a rather tiresome task that might involve several stakeholders. Furthermore, finding and reviewing the appropriate documents for a content package can take several hours.

This manual labor takes up valuable time for content owners. Time that could be spend on serving their business in other ways.

UNSILO Package Manager is an entirely new way to create and maintain content packages. Make use of artificial intelligence when assembling packages and save time using automation.

UNSILO Package Manager supports different use cases

Content Specialist

Use the UNSILO Package Manager to create content packages around specific themes or topics.

Business Manager

Use the UNSILO Package Manager to assemble your content into different subjects and export packages e.g. for your website. 

Empower your work with automation

UNSILO Package Manager enables content owners to create and maintain content packages using artificial intelligence while leveraging staff expertise.

The tool supports content owners with a unique solution that connects existing domain knowledge with artificial intelligence and automation.

A user-friendly interface enables content owners to set up a new package within minutes and to add highly relevant documents right away.

Adjust the level of manual inspection needed and see packages grow automatically in front of you.

The Package Manager combines the strengths of humans and machines through human augmentation of automatic subject classification of content.


A: All concepts within a document are assigned a score by the UNSILO Core technology, which indicate how pertinent the concept is to that document. Documents with highly relevant concepts from the package settings will move up higher in the list compared to documents where these same concepts are less relevant. The Package Manager selects relevant documents not by the  presence or absence of a single concept, but  from the presence of multiple relevant concepts.  As a further refinement, users can boost the ranking of a concept in the Package Settings to ensure that documents containing that concept are more likely to be selected.

A: Yes, we provide a simple blocking tag in the Package Manager. Using this tool, users can ensure a concept is not scored when a document is selected for relevance.


“Using the Package Manager we can create our Topic Article
Package more efficiently, as well as delivering improvements in quality – our
output selection is now a more accurate and reliable. Using the tools provided
by UNSILO, we feel that Karger has the perfect balance of automation and
manual control that gives us a twenty-first century publishing workflow and at
the same time guarantees our customers the high quality they are used to
from Karger.”

Marc Schindelholz, eBusiness Development Manager at Karger Publishers