UNSILO Semantic API Suite

Unlock the full potential of the UNSILO platform through integration with your Content Management System, website or other systems. UNSILO’s Application Programmers Interfaces (APIs) are designed to make it possible to smoothly integrate and customize our technology to fit the specialized needs of our customers, as for example exposing related articles or key concepts directly on your website.

Our Semantic API Suite works at document corpus level, at single document level and at single concept level, and enables suites of functionality that we have arranged in a series of API groups for core technology, content classification, search, insights and related content.


The UNSILO Metadata API is the basic collection of tools for concepts extraction and real-time analysis of natural language text. The capabilities of this API spans from serving concept variants and synonyms to analyzing text real-time for concepts, facts and ontology terms.



The UNSILO Related API makes it possible to find relations between content elements (articles, documents). For a given document the Related API can provide links to other documents and information on how they overlap in terms of concepts.

UNSILO Classification API

The UNSILO Classification API unlocks different methods for classifying a large corpus of content. Classifying documents could be done by using a taxonomy or be done within the scope of a given set of journals.



The UNSILO Search API enables advanced features that can be used to search within large collections of natural language content. 

UNSILO Insights

The UNSILO Insights API makes it possible to extract trending concepts based on time, source of origin or search queries. Moreover, it is possible to return author profiles and organisations based on specific concepts. The UNSILO Insights API also enables prediction of a document’s impact e.g. when researchers submit their paper to a journal.


Tailor-made services

With use of the API services, it is also possible to have UNSILO tailor special services to fit any requirement. Examples of this could be custom integration with CMS and Website or custom products including best of class user interface. It is also possible to have UNSILO design and implement custom APIs.

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