We combine machine-learning and NLP to discover a document’s DNA

Discovery is Limited by Manual Tagging

When a researcher publishes a paper, keywords that describe the paper’s topics are manually added. But these keywords often cover only some of the actual topics in a paper. When another researcher searches for similar, but not the exact same keywords, it makes it nearly impossible to find the paper again.

We Keep the Corpus Updated

UNSILO makes sure all ideas are tracked from their inception. Each time a new document is published, we automatically import it and connect it to the full corpus. This ensures that the relationships between all documents in a corpus are constantly updated when new research occurs.  

We Track New Discoveries Using Document DNA

UNSILO understands the meaning of every word and the specific meaning formed when words are combined into phrases and sentences. The complex patterns of phrases and sentences in a document represent larger ideas. We call these patterns the Document DNA™.

We Speak Your Language

UNSILO understands every word the user types, and empowers users to search for meaning, relationships, and patterns across vast document collections. For example, UNSILO can help you find the documents that first described the use of a specific drug to treat a certain disease.

Drink from The Fountain of Knowledge

UNSILO can apply the latest scientific discoveries to the unsolved challenges you face. Our Intelligent Semantic Algorithms can identify new ideas as they emerge in published literature.