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UNSILO works with leading Scientific Publishers to enrich their content and improve discoverability across domains and disciplines. Our discovery tools capture trending ideas and novel concepts as they emerge, and they help researchers find articles that describe parallel research of similar ideas across different domains and disciplines.

Experience our latest developed modules in our live showcase. Search across +1 million biomedical and life sciences articles from PubMed Central.

Discover cross-domain synergies in science

Today, document discovery in science is often based on how well a paper has been tagged and metadata annotated. Most documents are manually tagged with simple keywords that serve broad categorization, rather than research and discovery. This ensures consistency and consensus on terminology, but it rarely leads to cross-domain exploration or serendipitous discovery.

No editor can predict the impact of any given finding in every scientific domain, and UNSILO is building the tools we need to discover novel cross-domain synergies and inspire serendipitous discovery. UNSILO’s tools can be applied to any Scientific Publisher’s website.

Behind UNSILO’s tools is an advantage technology that captures the actual meaning and importance of phrases and concepts in documents.


UNSILO value for scientific publishers

  • A scalable way of adding value across all content types
  • Limited need for manual curation of ontologies
  • Broader discovery, reduced bounce rates, longer session times, more article views

UNSILO value for researchers

  • Point directly to the most important ideas of an article
  • Provide more relevant suggestions by applying a deep semantic understanding of key article concepts
  • Allow users to “drill down” and interactively explore key concepts of the most relevant related articles

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Index content and build unique document graphs.



Test and validate concept and recommendation quality.



Evaluate based on the predefined success criteria.