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Content owners lag behind their document collections

Managing and distributing very large digital content collections to a variety of products and platforms can be a big challenge. Content owners struggle in having a consistent strategy of tagging natural language documents in order to provide accurate content metadata and linking between documents. Therefore, they spend valuable time curating content by hand. Concurrently, keeping up to speed with evolving themes and subjects across documents is a challenge many content owners deal with on a daily basis.

Introducing UNSILO Core

All UNSILO’s services and products are powered by UNSILO Core. UNSILO Core is a fully automated and unassisted platform that learns from the content provided to it.

Get access to UNSILO Core using SaaS products

Plug right into UNSILO Core with UNSILO’s ready-to-use APIs and build custom solutions on top of our platform. 

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UNSILO also provides the UNSILO Package Manager that enables content owners to create and maintain content packages using artificial intelligence while leveraging staff expertise.

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Enterprise Platform

UNSILO Enterprise Platform is a customer-hosted solution, suitable in situations where it is not possible to bring the document corpus outside the customer’s firewall.

Technology Tour v1.1

Take an UNSILO technology tour

The UNSILO showcase, which is based on more than 1 million biomedical and life sciences articles from PubMed Central, gives you the opportunity to explore our unique concept extraction technology live through a series of examples of the UNSILO Core and UNSILO Semantic API  Suite.  These use cases span from advanced searching, connecting related documents to getting insights into concept definitions and much more.