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Read our whitepapers to gain a better understand of UNSILO’s technology.

UNSILO Outperforms Google

In comparison to similar technologies from Google, IBM and Microsoft, UNSILO outperforms those in terms of returning more precise concepts and much less noise. More information can be found in our white paper “Comparing UNSILO concept extraction to leading NLP cloud solutions”

Evaluating Concept Extraction

One of the first questions we are asked by new clients is how to evaluate the services provided by UNSILO. This is a sensible question, since there is little reliable guidance available on the Web on how to evaluate text analytics. This paper lists some possible approaches and their strengths and weaknesses.

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Never mind that she had crossed three lanes before getting hit. What puzzles me most is that the software didn't engage the brakes at this point? #uberaccident #autonomous #driverless #aisafety #pdlbkbr

Once Again, #UNSILO outperforms Google, Microsoft, IBM Watson, and Amazon Comprehend by a long shot: #TextAnalytics #ai #nlp https://t.co/LrBAvHtKk8

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