Making sense of unstructured data in any subject domain

Professional publishers own and manage large content collections that constantly grow in size as new science is published. UNSILO supports publishers throughout the the entire publishing life cycle – from submission of new manuscripts to publishing and making articles available for discovery. UNSILO connects the dots in content collections and makes it easy to implement a good content strategy that spans across products and platforms.

Learn more about how UNSILO helped one of the world’s largest scientific publishers, Springer Nature, enhance their collection of Nano research using novel features.

See how UNSILO helped Karger, a medical and scientific publishing company, create a product for automating subject collections


Knowledge Management

UNSILO helps research managers find experts and compose project teams, and helps corporate researchers discover related content in local knowledge repositories.


Legal Services

UNSILO supports attorneys, paralegals, and legal researchers when predicting outcomes and finding precedent in case law archives.


Intellectual property

UNSILO assists patent attorneys and intellectual property agents with prior art discovery and landscape mapping, to support IP strategy decisions.


Customer Relationship Management

UNSILO increases the productivity of customer help desk services by mapping new inquiries to existing FAQs and previously resolved Issues in knowledge repositories.