When manual curation is no longer an option

UNSILO provides software solutions for automated text intelligence that are used by content owners who have large collections of documents in unstructured natural language. Content owners manage thousands of documents on a daily basis in order to provide a variety of usages and distribution methods.

For content owners, it is a challenge to define the right content strategy and to decide on how to implement it. An essential part of this is understanding, curating and connecting documents. Very often this is done by hand – a tiresome task that takes up valuable time and resources. Furthermore, as a content owner’s corpus grows in size, keeping up to speed with evolving subjects and themes can be an overwhelming and very expensive task.

Leverage content management using artificial intelligence

UNSILO analyzes very large collections of natural language text, speeds up the processing of content streams, improves discovery and automates linking between documents, people, and ideas. We replace or enhance traditional labour-intensive processes with new tools that process vast amounts of knowledge in real time.

UNSILO’s automated concept extraction and semantic document fingerprinting transform content owner’s research, development, management, and delivery processes, with faster and better discovery, automatically identifying trending topics and similar documents.

Ready out of the box solutions for content owners

Building on top of the UNSILO platform, we offer APIs that enable content owners to extract, connect and distribute their content to support their chosen content strategy. Additionally, we offer a standalone product, UNSILO Classify, that supports content strategy managers and subject matter experts in understanding and curating content in order to classify content into specified collections.

UNSILO works with multiple industries

UNSILO has been Springer Nature’s preferred content enrichment partner since 2014. We work together with partners inside multiple industries.